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Another shop around the corner!

It is here…another grand opening of a small, women’s clothing boutique.  They advertise to give 10% off to any person willing to shop this weekend!!  Have not been in yet.  Someone, please check it out and let me know how it differentiates from all the other boutiques.  Lets decide together whether this should have been a shoe store!!(much needed)


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Are they ok even for comfort?

We are talking about some of the things I witness everyday….dansko clogs.

Yes, they are meant for comfort.  Yes, you see teachers, nurses, doctors, etc. wearing them regularly.  They now come in all leathers, all colors, dressy and casual.  However, they are very clunky, lacking style and not for you!

News memo:  You can have style and comfort…you may be investing a bit more in your shoes, and you can have both.

Lets put the danskos to rest and try a new style!

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Turkey Talk

Something to learn about style around eating holidays!!  Buffet pants.  Definition–pants with only elastic waistband that expand with consumption of food.

Yes, these pants are needed around turkey day(sometimes on a daily basis).  Most often, they are not appropriate attire.  How can you have the best of both worlds?  Buffet pants and style.  Well, forget your grandmothers way or combining buffet pants with a dressy look.  Instead, opt for pants with a drawstring that are hip and stylish.  Think color, design and style paired with a really great jacket or shirt.

You are sure to look up to date, stylish and have the huge benefit of buffet pants!

Enjoy Turkey Day…

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A Saving Grace…

The Alterations Lady

 You always have a plan.  You have the outfit, the accessories, and the event.  Then, you put it on and suddenly, your plan is halted!  There is a rip, a tear, a seam missing….you never know until you put it on.  In comes your saving grace….the alterations lady.  With holiday events coming, I suggest that you find your personal alterations lady and begin your relationship.  

They can take out the seam when your thighs grow a little through the holiday season,  stitch up a hole in your favorite skirt, take out a zipper so it doesn’t pouch at all the wrong places, and so much more.  

Let me tell you from experience, the alterations ladies can make you look like a million bucks in your last season duds.  

The best in Bend: Marta @ Scissorbird Alterations–541.382.0141 

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What is in your coat closet?

Outerwear is a necessity.

Your outerwear speaks volumes about you and is the details of your attire.  Details are of the utmost importance.  Men and women, you must have a coat that suits all occasions of your life.  Coat categories to fill:

Active outerwear–Something to keep you warm during your outdoor, winter activities.

Casual outerwear–A coat you can wear when out and about on the weekends or evenings. (most often with jeans)

Business outerwear–A piece that is appropriate to your line of work, keeps you warm, and enhances your professional look.

Evening outerwear–This coat must make a statement.  Usually to the knees or longer, and is the most dressy coat in your closet. 

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