Meet Joanna

Joanna Head Shot - large

One of the Northwest’s leading image specialists, Joanna offers expert advice on how to update your style and wardrobe.

Certitified and trained at the International Image Institute, Joanna helps people realize their style, create their own Personal Style Bible and transform into fabulous!

Clients range from people looking to gain a competitive edge in their industry to people wanting to unleash their personal style.

In the words of John Fairchild, “Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.”

Learn more about Joanna by visiting her company website, Van Vleck Image.


4 responses to “Meet Joanna

  1. Casey

    So, Joanna, do I need to throw out all my wide bottom boot cut jeans for tapered eighties style jeans that tuck into tall boots? And what is your take on valenkis? Are they this year’s Ugg? With or without galoshis?

    Dying to hear you take on these issues that dominate my mind.

  2. Joanna,
    Although your picture on this site is awesome! (gawd, you’re cute!!!), your link on this page to does not link properly. Best to fix it asap!

    And send me those pictures of the coin 🙂

    Hope you’re busy and happy!!

    Love & Aloha,
    Auntie Karen

  3. Hello Casey!!

    Great questions…No!!! DO NOT throw out all your wide bottom jeans. Skinny jeans are just a fad, and knowing that they are not flattering on most people, this trend will leave as quickly as it came!

    Valenkis….They are hip, cute, and different. I say go for it! Not only will you be warm and protected, they are only $80, so you can replace once they are out of style.

  4. JP

    Joanna – What is the next great color for men? JP

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