The Invisible Accessory

Arguably, the most important accessory.

This is the most valuable accessory you have! It distinguishes you from others, is unique to you, and draws people near. You must invest in your perfume or cologne. A few sprites and you are a new person!

Rules of perfume/cologne:

1. You must replace & change your scent at least every 2 yrs.

2. It must be unique. Do not invest in something everyone has.

3. Do not saturate yourself. It is a hint of the secret that draws people in.

4.Choose a scent that matches your personality. Nothing is worse than a man with his friend’s cologne.

5. Be daring. The higher the risk, the higher the reward.


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When to Show Skin?

To Show Skin?

Everyone wonders…The rules with boots and showing skin in the winter. Can one wear a skirt to the knee and boots to the knee? What do you do with the few inches of skin that are between? No skin on your legs should be seen in the winter(the one excpetion: dressy occasions)! This holds true for everyone. True “winter” skirts fall well below the knee and should show no skin if worn with knee-high boots. If you are trying to re-work a summer skirt, you will need to make adjustments. One option is tights. Not pantyhose, but winter tights. This can be done in different colors, textures, and prints and add nice detail to your outfit.There is a trend this fall/winter of wearing little ankle boots and tights(with skin showing in-between). If you wear this, you better have the skinniest ankles and legs this side of the equator or be on a runway somewhere. This is NOT flattering to the majority of women!

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The Miracle of the Shoe Doctor

The miracles of a shoe Dr.

As you pull out your winter shoes and put away your open-toed sandals, don’t forget the power of a shoe doctor. This may be your new best friend. They can make your old, scuffed shoes/boots look brand new. The small fee and visit to the shoe doctor can resurrect the old into the new!

I cannot stress enough the importance of the shoe doctor in your life. They not only polish, but will re-sole your very loved shoes. If you are in Bend, the best one is: No’ D’ Lay Shoe Service on Greenwood. Take all your shoes there, and they will return them looking brand new. For those of you outside of Bend, find your local shoe doctor and ask them for their magic touch on your beloved shoes!

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What is “Black Tie”?

Tux? Tie? Dress? Slacks?

 It is the time of year to discuss the “rules” of black tie.  What is appropriate to wear?  

For men: We all know the classic, tux and bowtie.  How many people own a tux?  You can now wear a black suit with a tie.  It must be a black suit– not blue, gray or brown.  It must be a suit– not trousers and a sport coat.  If the occasion calls for black tie, it must be a black suit or a tux. 

For women: Can women wear trousers?  No!!  Women must dress feminine at black tie events.  The dress should be at the knee or below.  The longer the hemline, the dressier the dress.  If the event starts before 5pm, you may wear a “shorter” dress.  Before 5pm is considered cocktail.  The dress can be any color.  Black is safe.  Be daring, color stands out at a black tie event.  

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